Monday, May 28, 2012

National Natural Hair Meet Up Day 2012 !!!!!

Life of a Graduate Student is noooooooooooot for the faint of heart !! However, in light of a smaller course load this semester I'm able to create new posts for my fabolous readers !!!!!!! The city I currently reside in is nooot easy to live in due to the influx in temperature, small size, and the swarms of students literally EVERYWHERE you go !! Lol/jk So when I heard about the meet up a day before the event I was SUPER excited to attend ! The event was absolutely GREAT and will be in a city near you May 18, 2013 !!!! So here are a few pics of my HOTD and OOTD !!! Hope you enjoy and are inspired !! Stay safe and always confident ! xoxoxoxo NaturallyCurvy P.S. I am pleased with my hair growth and very proud of my journey since my BC almost two years ago:-)
Pictured Above My Partner In Crime :-) All Items Worn by yours truly were thrifted except for my sandals which were purchased at Target, Watch: Michael Kors, Arm Candy: Gifted and Purchased in the Bahamas !

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